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We are a Cornish-based charity and social enterprise that design and deliver innovative and creative approaches to tackling health inequalities.  Our aim is to inspire healthy communities through a range of acceptable, sustainable and ‘peer led’ healthy active lifestyle projects, social marketing, design concepts and community empowerment.

Hare or Tortoise

It all started so well!

I thought healthy thoughts, hung out with healthy friends, made healthy eating choices, and made the most of every opportunity to get active and out in the healthy fresh air – Every aspect of life was healthy – and it felt great – a life in all its fullness!
But then… read more.

The Claze

The Claze believe it’s always ‘time to be friends’, and have a new album with the same title coming out on July 31st… check out their website or Facebook page

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If you would like to be part of this exciting new national journey, please consider supporting us financially here, or if you are able to volunteer time in any capacity get in touch on 01208 815123 ext 2.

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